The Fermium Zone student winner is…

Tiger Claws, congratulations! During every event we ask the scientists and moderators to nominate their top student — one who’s made the most of the event, shown enthusiasm and asked some really great questions. Tiger Claws from Greenhill Primary School was nominated by the scientists for “asking so many fantastic questions” which included What do you think about pollution?, How does a volcano erupt? and What is mist? As the student winner, Tiger Claws will receive a certificate and a gift voucher. Well done to Tiger Claws, and to everyone who took part. There were so many interesting questions, and comments, but there could only be one winner in each zone. PS: YOU now have the power to say which scientists and engineers take part next time — click here to be the judge.

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Thank you from your winner – Kelly!

Students! Did you do your profile survey? Check your email for a chance to win a £20 voucher and tell us what you think now! I absolutely could not believe when my name was announced as the winner of the Fermium Zone – I never in a million years expected to win it – there were so many fantastic scientists in the zone and such amazing questions from the students over the two weeks. It has honestly been the best event I have ever taken part in. Over the course of the two weeks I have learned so much, I was asked so many intuitive questions by students about my work that I had never considered before – young minds are amazing at seeing things in such a raw way. I was in awe at the intelligence of the students – had I not known their age I would have … Continue reading

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The winner is…

Kelly Rushton Congratulations! The students chose Kelly Rushton as the Fermium Zone winner! It’s been a fantastic two weeks and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all scientists who took part.

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The third scientist evicted is…

Jessica Leung The votes were counted and recounted, but the result is in – Jessica, it’s game over for you! Which means our three finalists are Sophie Morse, John Midgley and Kelly Rushton. They’ll be battling it out tomorrow to win your VOTE for the £500 prize money. What would they do with the money if they won? Sophie would: build a human sized blood vessel to demonstrate our technology at the Imperial Festival in London. John would: make it easier for people to learn how to get clean water in rural Tanzania. Kelly would: organise an event to tell people about our work about pets and mental health. Who do you want to see crowned winner? Every VOTE counts!

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The second scientist evicted is…

Obi Umegbolu

Sorry Obi, you’re out of the running for the prize! Obi can keep answering questions and joining in the live chats, but they won’t be going home with the £500.

Who will be evicted tomorrow? It’s up to you!

VOTE every day for your favourite scientist and keep them in the competition to win the prize money. Continue reading

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Join tonight’s live chat with scientists, 7–8pm

Log in between 7 and 8pm for another chance to talk to the scientists in the Fermium Zone!

Continue asking your brilliant questions in this special after-school live chat. Just log in and head to the CHAT page from 7pm!

Why not introduce your friends and family to the scientists you’ve been talking with in school? You can even ask them to pose their own question about hunger, flavour, volcanoes and more… Continue reading

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Who’s taking part in the Fermium Zone

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! is back this November. Between the 5th and the 16th, students at 13 primary schools will be putting their questions to 6 scientists in the Fermium Zone. For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter @imascientist, and follow the hashtag, #IASUK. The Fermium Zone  is a general science zone for primary schools supported by Wellcome. Meet the scientists Sophie Morse | PhD Student, Imperial College London I get medicine into the brain using bubbles. Simon Cork | Postdoctoral, Imperial College London I study what controls hunger and how we might treat people who are overweight. Obi Umegbolu | Data Analyst, Estio Training I help people to start or maintain a career in data. Kelly Rushton | Postdoctoral, University of Manchester I do research to find ways to make mental health care better (and on the side I look at … Continue reading

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